Bow down. Show some respect. Take your last breath. Seppuku.

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Advanced flight control and graphical processing research has resulted in the greatest and latest multirotor, airplane, and flying-wing flight controller.

Seppuku integrates a full-graphic On-Screen Display with high-speed processing and a complete set of modern sensors.

Also available at HobbyRC in the UK!

Fly like never before.

Puts you back in the pilot's seat.

Next-generation motion processing — thanks to Bosch sensors and dRonin flight control — means advanced stability, including a real AutoTune with an algorithm based in actual mathematical simulation. An on-chip integrated graphical processor implies no external connections or text-based display processors are needed - for fast, precise, and reliable On-Screen Display feedback. A full suite of sensors including compass and barometer enhances pilot experience - and opens the door to navigation. Eight motor outputs gets you flying octocopters. Seppuku sports a total of 5 serial ports plus CAN for every expansion you can think of - and I2C too. And we haven't forgotten the basic stuff, either.

Inspired by HUDs found on real fighter jets.

  • 10 degrees of sensor freedom: Gyro, Accel, Compass, Barometer
  • Super Secret Bosch BMI160, ST LIS3MDL, Bosch BMP280
  • On-chip graphical processor for advanced, customizable OSD
  • Receivers supported: PPM, SUMD, SBUS, Spektrum (5V / 3.3V jumper available), many others
  • On-board RGB LED and expansion port for more LEDs
  • 5 UARTs including receiver port; one Flexi-Port (UART or I2C)
  • On-Board Buzzer Driver
  • Standard 30.5x30.5mm mount (36x36mm board)
  • Open-Source Multi-platform Software

OSD as smooth as can be.

One chip performs double duty as Flight Controller and OSD processor - so whatever the FC is doing appears on the video, instantly. No external boards or video processors required.

Seppuku is part of DTF Air's commitment to use locally-sourced components and labour in multicopter innovation and manufacturing. PCBs are produced and assembled in Quebec, Canada.    Designed in California.   

dRonin Flight Software Project: http://dronin.org/



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